"Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine, and injustice in the world when He could do something about it...but I'm afraid God might ask me the same question."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Home Three Months

It's hard to believe that Grace has only been home three months. It's really hard to believe that English is her second language...she talks like crazy. Some days I wonder where she gets all of her words from...did we really teach her to say all of the crazy things that come out of her mouth? She will say things that, clearly, I am responsible for teaching her - like "wait a minute" or "What did you say?", but other things just crack us up. She is still very literal. I asked her how she got to be so stinkn smart and she looked at me with a sad face and said "I am not stinky." I guess we can't really use humor or sarcasm and expect her to understand :)

It has been a wonderful, exhausting, crazy three months. Transitioning to four kids has not been too hard, it's transitioning to an additional three year old who has her own special opinions, behaviors, and background that is a little strange at times. All in all, we wouldn't change a thing about her. I know that her independence, assertiveness, and self confidence will all be traits that serve her well in the future. Not a day goes by that I don't look at her and marvel at how resilient she is. I can not even begin to imagine how hard it would be to leave the country where you were born, travel to a new continent with virtual strangers, and do as remarkabley well as Grace is doing. Grace's adoption continues to bless us every day.

One more plug for the cute little necklaces we are selling to support Love In Action orphanage in Ethiopia...Grace is showing just how cute they look when you receive them...they are perfect little birthday gift add-ons or stocking stuffers.
The tag inside explains that the purchase is helping Love In Action.
If you are interested in the necklaces or key chains, please use the PayPal link on the side of our blog to place an order. Just click on the description (it says I love Ethiopia) and the other choices will be available for you to add to your shopping cart. Thanks so much for your support! ***Notice the awesome green fingernail polish that our little diva wanted to wear to match her outfit? I predict this child will be a big name in the fashion industry some day...


  1. When Avé and Grace take the fashion world (or whatever world they chose!) by storm, the world isn't going to know what hit it!!! I truly think Grace and Avé are BFFs at heart. TOO ADORABLE!!! Avé just looked at these pix with me and say, "Oooooo... She a Ethiopia girl!" AND "Why me no have green for my fingers???" Like: how dare we deprive her of that particular color of nail polish! ;-)

    So glad to hear that Grace's transition (and yours) is going so well. Truly amazing and miraculous!

  2. She is beautiful. Isn't it amazing what we worry about before they are home and then they are home and its like they have always been here:)

  3. She is just stunning!! See....I told you not to worry about the language thing!! Isn't it amazing?

    So, I need to place my order! Abbie and Grace have made their choices. Will these be available for a while? I was thinking they'd be such cute party favors for Grace's birthday - but that's in January, so I would need to figure out who her guests would probably be. I love the initial ones!

  4. Hi,
    I've been reading your blog through Team Alexander and we came home just a few days before you with our 2 year old son. Your daughter is beautiful! And, I just saw that Bonnie commented, we get together with our kiddos and live just 15 minutes apart!
    I was wondering if you would be interested in donating one of your adorable necklaces for a project we are doing for Ethiopia. I will copy and paste the email that has been sent out to people. Let me know if you are interested...



    We are asking for your help! This Christmas, Perpetual Change (theperpetualchange.me) is going to be opening an Etsy store from November 15-December 15 to raise money for a country near and dear to our hearts, Ethiopia. Please go to the website and check out the amazing things that are being done to help the children of Ethiopia.

    Here is where you come in… For the month of October we will be collecting donated items to be sold on our Etsy site. Your donated item would go on our Etsy site for the price that you sell it for on your site and in the description your Etsy site would be listed, which will be great advertisement for you. The money we make from the sale of your item will go directly into helping Perpetual Change make a difference.

    We would love to have you consider participating in this beautiful opportunity to tangibly help children in need. Please contact me at cgladheim@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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    Please include in your package, or in an email, the price you would like your donated item to sell for and the description you would like listed on our Etsy site.

    Thank you for your support,
    Christy Gladheim for Perpetual Change

  5. 3 months already??? Crazy how fast times flies by! I absolutely love her purple headband. Where on earth did you get it and how do you get Grace to keep it on?

  6. Thank you SO much for your donation! I will send you a reminder when it gets closer to the sale so you can check out our site, it's going to be great!!

  7. what a doll she is! i definitely want at least one necklace, but how do you choose a style? does that come after paypal?