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Friday, October 8, 2010

Ready for Snow!

One of the best parts about adopting a little girl instead of a baby, is being able to watch her experience so many "firsts." She shows pure joy when she encounters something new, and we get to watch. Things that we take for granted are such a big deal for Grace. We've seen such excitement when Grace discovered things like socks, a new doll to play with, and of course, mittens.
So just imagine the excitement that came when Grace was given her first winter coat and hat. She was beyond excited. After I showed it to her, I was afraid she was going to have to wear it out in public. It is starting to cool off a bit here in Wisconsin, but we are not quite ready for winter coats yet. We are trying to explain to Grace why we will need such a big, puffy coat, but for now, she just thinks it is fun to wear around the house.
She loves the hat too. So, tell me moms out there...what in world am I going to do about her hair in the winter? Am I seriously supposed to stick her cute little hairstyles into this fuzzy hat and let her hair go crazy? I don't know if I can do it. I might be the mean mom that makes her kid freeze all winter because I don't want to sacrifice her hair by sticking a hat on her head...please don't call social services. Does a headband with a big flower on it count as a hat? Maybe I can pull the headband over her ears while we are outside...
Grace modeling another cute winter look.
Now we just need to get boots and try to explain snow to her. I hope snow is at least another month away, but if not, we are getting ready!
OK...one last plug for necklaces and key chains for the week. Thanks to all of you who have ordered. I have heard such great responses from you and am so happy you like them. It is such a fun way for us to raise money for Love In Action and it is also a great little item for you to use to spread the word about adoption and orphan care. Please keep checking out our blog because I have a new style to show you soon. It is a more "grown up" version of the necklace and I am sure you are all going to love it. Also, if you ordered a key chain or necklace and would like to model it for me, please send me a picture for our blog. I want to show off your beautiful faces too...Grace can't be my only model, can she? I love her little hand on this picture...the necklace says I love Ethiopia- so cute on her!


  1. Can you get some sort of silk cap to go under the hats?

  2. I was thinking the same thing as the first commenter! She looks soooo cute in the winter clothes. My Grace loved the snow, but then we don't have it for many, many months like you do!

    Also, from your last post, good to know that you can freeze injera! I will get a bunch next time we go to the Ethiopian restaurant in Portland.

  3. Okay, so I've heard of these hats you can buy on ebay that have a SATIN LINING just for our little princesses!!! I haven't purchased any, but I have seen some. I think it is a MUST as sweet little curls do not react nicely to winter hats, no matter HOW cute they are!!! You will need them way before we do, so I'll let you check them out and then just tell me where to go and what to buy. ;-) Deal?

  4. Her sweet little face really does look so adorable peeking out from those cute hats though.

  5. Found a great site for satin-lined hats!


    But w/ all those cute hats you already have, you might have to bust out the sewing machine and satin-line them for yourself! ;-)