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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What will Halloween look like this year?

Mystery Gang - Halloween 2008

Halloween 2008- so much fun...my husband even shaved his goatee to get into character. We love to have a theme...we love to have a big Halloween party...we love getting dressed up.

Halloween 2009 - some of us were a little "dark," one of us was a good looking vampire from Twilight (he even sparkled), one of us was something "super cool" from Star Wars, and one of us was...ummm...I have no idea... - no theme last year - we were too busy doing adoption paperwork.

What will Halloween 2010 look like? Well, it will be different. We decided to skip having our annual party because we thought our new little one might be a little too overwhelmed by the whole thing. Turns out she probably would have LOVED it. She is a party animal at heart and doesn't seem to mind scary costumes at all. Instead of our usual family party, we decided to turn the party over to our daughter and her 8th grade friends for the night...Yikes...three more days until our first boy/girl party...any advice?

And as for Grace's costume this year...she is still not 100% sure. The obvious choice would be Princess Tiana -it just seems so predictable. She is also considering being a duck...hmmm, interesting.


  1. LOVE that you all get dressed up!! Dic and I finally got invited to a party this year. Going in my Disco-licious outfit and Disco dude? I guess. We'll post pictures sometime. Can't wait to see you all this year--I mean in your pictures....for Halloween. :0)

  2. Those mystery inc. costumes are cute....wait until you see our family this year. We had the same idea. :)

  3. I love that your whole fam dresses up!!! That is awesome!!!

    I have been dying to get a girly Halloween costume all these years, and guess what she told me she wants to be???

    A Dinosaur.

    Or Spiderman.

    For the love.