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Monday, October 11, 2010

New Necklaces!

Well, it turns out that bottle cap necklaces are not just for little girls! As I started to look for supplies to make the key chains and necklaces, I discovered a whole world of more "mature" looking supplies. I thought I would try a few and then start offering them for sale to help with our fundraiser. As a reminder, all of the proceeds from our key chain and necklace sales go to Love In Action Orphanage in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We had the pleasure of visiting LIA while we were in Ethiopia and I promise you, they are going to be doing amazing things for the kids who live at the orphanage as well as the kids they sponsor and families in their community. So...back to the new "design." I have a LIMITED number of these black and white necklaces available. I have SIX available right now. They come with a flattened bottle cap charm and a black ribbon cord. The cord is about 18 inches long and is actually made up of four thin black cords and one organza ribbon.

Thank you Cynthia for agreeing to model the black and white necklace for me. You look beautiful as always!

So...if you like this style, grab it quick. If there is a high demand for the black cord/ribbon necklaces, I will order more and make them available when they are ready. In the meantime, grab one of these with your order. Because I don't feel like making a special PayPal button for this design, just USE THE NOTE TO SELLER SECTION OF THE PAYPAL ORDER LINK TO INDICATE THAT YOU WANT TO PURCHASE THE BLACK RIBBON NECKLACE. So, first come, first serve on these six necklaces.

I also have a really cool version of the basic bottle cap necklaces that we have been selling...
Here is Brittney, my blog friend and fellow adoptive mom from Louisville, wearing another flattened bottle cap necklace. She choose to order the Africa Hope design on a flattened bottle cap for a more grown up look. Doesn't it look great on her??? The other difference with this necklace is that it is on an 18" chain instead of the standard 24" chain. If you would like to order a flattened bottle cap or have your necklace come on an 18 inch chain, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN THE NOTE TO SELLER SECTION OF THE PAYPAL ORDER FORM. All necklaces are made with 24" chains unless there is a note on the order form. The 24" necklaces are best for kids - they can slip them over their heads easily.

Here is further proof that the necklaces are not just for little kids. Our mother/daughter book club met this week, and the girls and moms all loved them!

The girls have been wearing them to middle school, and the demand for them is spreading like fire...think Silly Bandz for older kids :) My daughter Alyssa is wearing the flattened bottle cap on a long chain. Her friend is wearing a regular bottle cap on a short chain.

Here is a long version of the flattened bottle cap necklace. What a cute little model!

You can see the difference between the flattened and regular bottle caps. As a reminder, the necklaces and key chains are $5 (plus $1 shipping) each and all of the money goes straight to Love In Action Orphanage. Thanks so much for your support of this project!!!

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  1. Did you get my order? I'm wondering if I checked out before I had finished the order. Please save me a new necklace and I am ordering two more....just in case my order didn;t go through, then let me know. Hugs to you!