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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Please Help Support Orphans In Ethiopia!

Grace and I are so excited to show you some adorable necklaces that we are selling to raise money to help support Love In Action orphanage in Ethiopia. We were inspired by a fellow blogger, Robyn. Her family is selling similar necklaces to help raise money for programs in Ethiopia too. We purchased a few necklaces and Grace fell in love with them. When I told Robyn about trying to think of creative ways to raise money for Love In Action, she was so sweet and encouraged us to try to sell as many necklaces as we could. She helped me learn about the best suppliers for necklace parts, the best materials to use, etc.

Our family does not want to forget the millions (yes, millions) of orphans still waiting for their forever families. 100% of the money we raise will be sent to Ethiopia to help open the doors of LIA and to help welcome more children home.
We have six really cool necklace designs and they are really cheap! Each necklace is only $5 (plus $1 shipping) and has a 24inch chain (which is the perfect length to fit over a child's head without them having to undo the clasp).

Grace loves to wear her "G" necklace. She always tells everyone, "G says Grace." The adorable polka dot design is perfect for little girls. The necklaces come packaged in cellophane and are perfect little additions to birthday gifts and are great stocking stuffers.

I love it when people ask about the necklaces- usually when one of the kids is wearing one...Grace usually draws a response when she wears her "Africa with pink heart" necklace. I love how the necklace allows us to share our passion for Ethiopia and tell others about the hope and love we feel for the amazing kids still in Ethiopia.

In addition to the necklaces, we have key chains with the same designs. The key chains can be used alone, added to another key chain, or used as a backpack toggle.

We hope you like the necklaces and key chains. Our goal is to sell at least 100 items so that we can donate $500 to Love In Action orphanage by the end of the year. Thanks so much for your support and keep checking our blog for new designs coming soon. If you would like to place an order, please use the paypal link on the side of our blog.

If you are ordering an "initial" design, please indicate which initial you would like in the comment section of the paypal order page.


  1. LOVE THESE!! What a great idea! I have been waiting for this post, by the way!

    I am definitely going to purchase some. Which ones?? I like them all! :)
    I think they will make great additions to Christmas presents! Presents with a purpose, right??

  2. You know I love it!! Your necklaces are adorable. It is such a fun and easy way to make a BIG difference.


  3. These will be great stocking stuffers! Great idea!

    How do you chose a different style? The button only says 'I love Ethiopia" but I'd like to order the flag ones.

  4. Thanks for asking Gayla! Just click on the part that says "I love Ethiopia" and then the other choices will show up. Just click on the one you want, and when it shows up in the shopping cart I will be able to see which necklace you want. Hope you like them!!!!

  5. Those are super cute! I'll have to show Maya the pictures to see if she will wear one and which one. Will you be selling these for awhile?

  6. Thanks for the comment Theresa. YES! We will be selling them for awhile. I think they would make great little Christmas gifts (sort of cool because the tag will say that the necklace helps out LIA orphanage, etc.). Hope Maya likes them! She will look adorable in any design :)

  7. Love these Deena! Okay, so I want to purchase a couple of them.....and I am also having trouble getting a different style. There isn't a link that I see that takes you to the diff. styles. Am I blind? :0) Also, if I want to get more than one I would think it would say "keep shopping" and I don't see anything like that. That's how my paypal page works....so I'm wondering. I could just order them individually and then put which ones I want in the comments section. Let me know what works best, kay?
    Tooooo cute!!

  8. Hey Deena- I just ordered a bunch of things (well, 6) from you! Just wanted to let you know that you can ship them all together even they will come to you as 3 different orders.

    Now, the trick will be to hide them and then remember where I hid them at Christmas! :-)

  9. Hi There,
    It's Karen from small town Hilbert...not far from you!! Thanks for the sweet post!! 3 months home and doing sooo well. That is just great!!! Your daughter is sooo pretty. I hope you don't mind but I fell in love with a few things from your blog and copied them to our blog tonight. After 3 long and hard years...I so can not believe we leave in Nov to meet our babies. Plus, get to LIVE there...that is just crazy!! My heart will no longer be empty. I'm feeling VERY overwhelmed right now...I'm sure that is to be expected. I'm forever packing and organizing...I we have the flights set but not 100% booked. Addis Travel says to wait on that. Audi had sent me your blog on FB and I sat up til 11:30 lastnight. I HAD to read your entire blog. JUST HAD TOO:) Well, great meeting you and maybe someday we can get together!!! Have a great night:)

    Traveling VERY soon!! YAY!!!