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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Grace's First Dance Class

Today Grace had her first dance class! Grace has been going to the dance studio the past two months to drop off her big sister for her dance classes, and today was the big day...Grace had her first tap and ballet class. She has been talking about it for weeks. She has been wearing her tap shoes around the house and loves the fancy clothes she gets to wear. Of course, I am super excited for her as well. I never guessed I would be taking another three year old to dance. Alyssa started dancing at the same studio ten years ago (yeah, that makes me the old dance mom now)...hard to believe I've been driving to the studio several times a week for so long...
So, when it was time for class to begin, Grace was super excited. UNTIL...we entered the studio...she got very shy and didn't want me to leave (to wait in the lobby, etc.). I had already talked to the dance instructor (who is so sweet and understanding), so she didn't mind that I stayed in the room with Grace. Tap was first, and Grace was not producing the "shuffle steps" that her big sister had been teaching her :) She was very clingy. She was not too sure about dance all of a sudden. Well, half way through the class, they switched to ballet shoes. She started to get much more comfortable during ballet, and by the time they were working on "sashe'," Grace was comfortable enough to do a solo across the room. She was very proud...Oh, and she was (in my opinion) the cutest dancer at the studio!!!


  1. LOVE the pics! She must be in heaven! My Grace would love to come live at your house and be a dancer. The whole dance thing around here is a little too crazy for me, so for now we're sticking to gymnastics!

  2. can't wait!! I just can't wait!! and your little grace....perfection....sweet perfection. :0)

  3. She's darling!!! My Grace just started dance too-- and LOVES it!! :)