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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wonderful Wednesday...a simple treat to try

Now that Grace is in preschool, she is learning the days of the week a bit more. Each day has a silly name at school, and Wednesday is "Wonderful Wednesday."
I discovered this super simple treat on Pinterest last night. Lucky for me, I happened to do a little grocery shopping while Grace was at school, and now we are enjoying a "Wonderful Wednesday treat!"
(maybe this can be a weekly blog theme...wonderful Wednesday treats!)

Two of my favorite flavors...raspberry and chocolate. Just stick chocolate chips inside of raspberries!!!!!! Perfection!!!
On on side note...Grace was so excited for her SECOND day of school that she INSISTED I document it (just like we did on the FIRST day) by taking her picture before we left for school!


  1. I got my purse in the mail yesterday! You are speedy! It's precious, I put it back for my daughter's birthday! :0)

  2. cutie pie! and i'll take chocolate in anything!!

  3. that is a great idea for the lunch box! thanks girl!!

  4. Okay...yum!! And how easy! Maybe I need to check out this Pinterest? Or maybe I'll just depend on you to blog about great ideas from it!

    Let me know....I'm so curious. Did you register in time for 'Created to Care?'

  5. Okay, Deena- our two daughters really are twins separated at birth. Avé had me take her pix the first THREE days of school, and then after the 4th she said in disgust, "You know, you didn't take my picture in THIS uniform!!!" Oh, boy. ;-)