"Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine, and injustice in the world when He could do something about it...but I'm afraid God might ask me the same question."

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello There!!!!

It has been a bit since I took the time to blog...we have been busy. Things are t.r.i.c.k.y. when school starts. We have four kids at four different schools, and it seems like it takes a few weeks to get back into our groove.

I plan to blog more soon. I have a lot of ideas and thoughts that I would love to share with my "blog buddies" - I learn so much from your blogs and do read them regularly (even when I don't take the time to leave comments). If only I had a personal assistant...I could get so much more done...wouldn't it be cool if we all had a live-in helper like Alice from The Brady Bunch (ok...I'm daydreaming as I type).

In the meantime, check out this cool, mechanical hand that Bryce and I built!
I found the directions in the September edition of Family Fun magazine (but couldn't seem to find it online....). Bryce is very creative and loves to make things. He and I had a great time with this little project. All we needed was some pool noodles, clear duct tape, 20 ft of cord, and a little bit of craft foam.

Bryce thinks he is pretty cool making the fingers move with the cords....
He couldn't wait to take the hand outside and wave to people with it.
I sure love you Bryce. You are so creative and fun. Yes, you are definitely "super fly."


  1. Okay...you're such a good mom! I hate projects like that because what do you do with them afterwards?!! And I am with you.....the beginning of school and all the activities is exhausting. I am still working on new routines for me!! Look forward to seeing your other ideas!

  2. Hey Deena!
    It's time again for Perpetual Change's Etsy Sale. We were so thankful for your donation from last year... would you be willing to donate again? Shoot me an email if you are interested!!