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Monday, September 26, 2011

Another Post About Hair...I LOVE this product line!

I realize that I have written about Grace's hair care routine many times, but I am so excited about a new product line, that I had to write more! I read about Curls by Sisters Smith on the Ethiopia mamas facebook page (a great resource for so much information). I have been trying to figure out what to do with Grace's hair now that it is getting so much longer. I miss the easy hair care of her braids, but we have decided to have her hair in a "natural" state for awhile. She looks adorable, and I think her hair is very healthy, but I was in search of some products that would help to moisturize and define her curls.
The Curls by Sisters Smith product line is AWESOME. I must say that it is awesome for us, but I realize that all kids have their own unique hair care issues. The product line is very basic. The packaging and website are basic. I could care less, because these products are perfect for Grace's hair! I have never seen Grace's curls more defined than they are when we use the hair "pudding." It's hard to get a good photo of what I mean, but...I am guessing that all of you adoptive moms caring for curly hair, know what I mean. The "quick fix" spritzer is nice for throughout the day when I want to freshen Grace's hair up (in other words, when her hair gets squished while she is laying around watching TV and then we need to head out the door...). The regular conditioner is great too. I haven't even used it in the tub yet...instead, I use a little bit to condition her hair while it is damp (like before bed).
I got the products last week and have used them exclusively since. I am going to try to stick to only this product line for awhile. I seem to grab a little of this and a little of that and then who knows how many different products end up on Grace's hair at one time? We have really cut down on washing her hair too. I am only co-washing her hair and rarely use shampoo. This has also helped with her hair's level of moisture.

I've read that customers will email the "sisters" questions about specific hair types, etc. and they will offer you feedback and suggestions. Most of the products can be "scented" with a scent of your choice. I ordered all of our products in the Summer Citrus scent. It is nice, but I think I will order peppermint or vanilla next.
The company and the products seem very basic, yet are VERY effective. I have to say that I have not been more pleased by ANY OTHER products so far (and I've tried a bunch!!!) I am starting to believe that spending more money on products DOES NOT necessarily yield better results. Hopefully I will be done writing about hair products for awhile...I think I've found a winner here!
The founder of the Curls by Sisters Smith website explains:
"I chopped off the last of my relaxer 7 years ago. Immediately, I noticed a lack of commercially available ‎products for naturally curly hair. The few products I did manage to find were WAY to expensive for my ‎budget. So, I spent months researching the needs for natural curly hair and good hair care in general and ‎put my biology and chemistry background to good use to create my own products. I take great pride in ‎my products – each one is handmade, customized especially for you. ‎So, take a look around our little shop. Feel free to e-mail us with any questions or comments you might have."


  1. thanks for this, deena. i've been struggling to keep aregash's hair moist and it seems when the oils dry (olive, coconut, etc) her scalp is good, but her hair is dry. sooooo, i'm going to this next! did you ever finish up the shea smoothie and mask that you got from wal greens that time? i got them both and they were good, but the shea left a film on her scalp.

  2. just tried to place an order and the spritz is sold out! when did you get yours? i ordered thru PayPal, so i know sometimes that works weird with quantities sometimes. bummer tho.

  3. Her hair looks great! Thanks for recommending these products. I am going to try to get a few more weeks out of Grace's braids, just because they are soooooo easy and on those mornings that we're running late, it is so nice to just pull her hair into two pony tails and call it good!! However, we have talked about keeping her hair natural for a while after we take them out, so I will be needing some new products. Glad you shared some Facebook wealth, as I am not a Facebooker!!

    And....did you think about the March C4C at all? Wouldn't it be nice to leave the snow in March?!

  4. i have never heard of this one before. we are using kinky curly and it's great, but expensive. if the products being basic means it cost a little less, i might be up for it!