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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

C4C Switch!

Good news and bad news...the good news is that the wonderful ladies in charge of organizing the Created for Care retreat have gone into overdrive to serve more adoptive mommas and host a second retreat! Registration for the second retreat starts tonight at midnight (I would register early based on what happened the last time registration started (for the first retreat)- the retreat filled up (400 people) in less than 9 hours!!!! So visit Created For Care's website tonight to register if you are interested.
The bad news is that I am switching my registration to the second retreat...that means I may not be able to meet some of you bloggy buddies that I was hoping to. On the other hand, some other blog friends that I have been hoping to meet for a very long time will be attending the second retreat!!!! Yeah!!!! I feel like my little getaway is going to be wonderful and March will be an awesome time for a little break from every day life (sort of like when I went on "spring break" in college only 100% completely different! ;) - and safer!)

Here is Grace posing for a picture after dance class this morning...believe it or not, this is her unhappy, not wanting to pose for the camera look. She DID NOT want to have her picture taken. She was not happy about it. I actually thought it would be cute to get a picture of her pouting (for old times sake), but she can not help but smile! She is like Pavlov's dogs...when she sees the camera in my hand, she smiles... I really am lucky to be her mom.


  1. Glad you get to go in March, but sad I won't see you there!

  2. Oh NO!! I'm sad we won't be able to visit! I would rather go in March as well, but I'm due the weekend of the retreat!! Glad you'll get to see other friends though!

  3. Cutest picture of Grace! Oh my goodness! And, yay for another C4C and getting to meet you!

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  5. I signed up for the March retreat as well. How fun that we will get to meet in real life! :)

    After reading your last post I wanted to ask you have you tried the Shea Moisture Style and Curl Milk? I actually like that better than the smoothie for daytime. It doesn't coat her hair yet it still makes Hanna's curls look nice.

  6. I am excited to meet you at the March retreat- just registered today! Maybe we could even meet sooner?? We live close- in New London!