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Friday, April 1, 2011

Awesome Hair Care Products- Buy One Get One Free!

As I have posted before, I am addicted to buying bows, flower, headbands and "pretties" for Grace's hair. I also love to try new products on her hair. I feel like the perfect product is out there waiting for me to discover it. Well, I have a couple new ones and I am pretty excited about them. I recently read about Shea Moisture products on a haircare blog. The best part- this week Walgreen's has all Shea Moisture products on sale. If you buy one product for $9.99, you get the second product free!
So...last night I headed to Walgreen's. I always wonder what people think when I shop the "ethnic" aisle for hair care products. I was so excited to see the Shea Moisture products in stock- you see, we don't have the largest AA population where I live ;).
I bought the Curl & Style Milk and the Curl Enhancing Smoothie. They smell so good! I seriously want to eat the smoothie- it smells that good!!!! Now, I can't really endorse the product too seriously because I have only used it once on Grace's hair (before bed last night), but when I used it, it was really nice to work with. I just put some on Grace's damp hair, and her hair looked really nice. It felt nice too.
So, with a deal like this, I would run out to Walgreen's today or tomorrow (sale ends April 2) and pick some up. Oh yeah, my favorite part about the products (besides the awesome smell) is that the makers of Shea Moisture:Dennis and Tubman also strive to make a positive impact beyond our skin. The company purchases ingredients directly from women cooperatives and indigenous farmers in Africa, paying above market prices to help improve the standard of living for those suppliers. They are working closely with local and international organizations, including ECOSERVE and AFRICARE, to protect the integrity of ingredients and improve production processes to ensure sustainable harvests. Partnering with organizations such as The Liberian Education Fund and Todee Mission, the company is working to build schools and provide access to education for impoverished girls in Africa, many of who are suppliers of Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and other natural ingredients.
I also noticed that Optimum Oil Therapy was on sale at Walgreen's. I probably wouldn't have given it a try, but it was FREE with an in-store coupon. So, I picked this up too. Haven't tried it yet. You might as well grab a bottle when you pick up the Shea Moisture products.
And one last thing...this is Grace's idea of a soccer outfit. She is ready to start soccer this spring, but she is not ready to give up the dress up clothes for shorts and t-shirts.
If I had to bet, I would say that she will be awesome at soccer. She is so good at whatever she tries. She is spunky and seems coordinated, so I think she will do really well with soccer (and she does NOT want to wear shoes while playing- maybe it has something to do with how she first played "football" in Ethiopia?).


  1. i am going to walgreen's today. i hope they have it!!! i LOVE grace's soccer outfit!!! too cute!

  2. I am AA, I use these products and they work wonderfully.

  3. I will have to run into the store to try. How do they smell? I am so over the "cloying" smell in so many products on a little girl.

  4. Her soccer outfit is the best! I certainly hope it is indoor soccer! Thanks for the tips on new haircare products. I will try to stop tomorrow in between softball and lacrosse. Grace's Tangle Teaser and sleep cap and silky pillow case arrived in the mail today. We were both giddy with joy!! She is starting to love all the attention that her hair gets!!

  5. I read your blog often but have never commented..the Shea moisture products have worked wonders on both my AA son's hair and skin. We LOVE the Raw Shea Butter lotion and the wash, and the shampoo!! Love your blog and your adoption story!!! From one adoptive mom to another..Blessings!