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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Basketball Tournament Fun

You may not realize it, but I DO have kids other than Grace :) Saturday was our last basketball tournament of the year. It was a fun day with friends. We are lucky to have a great group of boys and parents to spend our tournament days with.

There was plenty of time between games to do all sorts of fun "stuff." The group enjoyed smacking each others hands in some type of song/slap hands game.
Grace got pretty good at slapping hands.
Four sweet boys.
Three sweet girls.
Oh wait! Grace decides she is unhappy and is going to do the "silent pout" thing! Ummm..don't you wish you could lay down on a dirty gym hallway too? I believe this reaction was in response to my denying her a "ring pop." I know, I am so mean (trust me, she had plenty of snacks that day).
I guess three basketball games and seven hours of tournament time is too much for the little princess. We'll see how she does when baseball season begins (very soon) and we go to games four nights a week...


  1. At least it's a silent pout LOL ~Angie

  2. "silent pout"... oh, lordy. hilarious!!!

  3. Dawit does that often...although his pouts are anything BUT silent!! haha

    When he throws a fit, James always tells him, "Dude, you're the third kid...that doesn't phase us!" :)

  4. Well, I guess that you can be grateful that she didn't begin to shout loudly, "I no like my mommy." Not that it's ever happened to me, I'm just saying..... But the dirty floor?! Oh, that is worse to me than the attitude! But it is hard for them to be dragged around to sports every weekend. Sometimes I feel sorry for my Grace and I'm sure your feels the same way!! Some day it will be her turn.