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Friday, March 25, 2011

What To Do On A Snowy Day?

We have had a VERY relaxing, very unstructured, very snowy spring break this year. So...what to do? Well, for starters, why not turn Grace's hair into a "fauxhawk?" She thinks Willow Smith is pretty cool (ever since the hair whipping a few months back), so she was our inspiration.
The girl really likes to pose for the camera. It is so funny the way she will turn it on for the camera and then, boom! she is back to her regular old self...
We were hit with a snow storm that brought 17.3 inches of snow this week! I couldn't believe it. Just when I thought we could get the stroller out and start walking again...will it ever end?
Of course, with the snow comes "snow" cones. Grace's headband matched so well that I had to take a picture...here she is waiting for the root beer to be added.
We got our new Naartjie outfit in the mail. Pretty cute!
Why not try on your swim suit during the snow storm? A girl can dream after all.
When you get really bored, just put on a cute dance outfit and start shaking it! Grace has worn this outfit for three days...oh well...less laundry for me to do ;)


  1. I'm laughing so hard because as I read this, Meri has just changed out of her new swimsuit to a ballerina outfit. I think this is her fourth outfit change today. :)

  2. She is so stinkin cute! How do you not just want to eat her up?? She is such a ham. :)

    I looked for an Africa shirt on the Naartjie website for Dawit. They didn't have any little boy shirts. :(

  3. Oh, I can't believe all your snow. Grace is quite the ham!! She is so adorable! Her braids didn't last long, did they? Did she want to take them out or did they not stay in?

  4. We have the same posing situation here!
    Camera out: POSE!
    Right after the 'click': NORMAL!

    Hysterical! LOVE all those pix, though!!!! (don't hate me when I tell you it was 75 here yesterday... you can rub it in in August when we are at triple digits and YOU are having gorgeous weather!)