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Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Grace!!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Grace!!!! Today is Grace's birthday!!!

It seems so strange that our little princess is four years old already...well, the time hasn't really been all ours, so it seems odd that she is four already. Doesn't "four" sound a lot older than "three?"
We had a very fun family party for Grace this weekend. She was over the moon excited about her party! She had been asking every day if it was her birthday. It was a little tough to explain that we were celebrating her special day and yet it was two more day until her "real" birthday...She is going to think that in America, we celebrate birthdays all week.
By the way, birthday girls do NOT have to wear socks.
Grace was very particular about her birthday cake. I took her to the bakery to order it, and she choose this interesting Princess Tiana creation. It was originally made with white frosting and looked a bit more picture perfect in the photo displayed at the store...Grace insisted on chocolate frosting...

I am pretty sure THIS is why she picked this cake...the plastic Princess Tiana made it all worth it to her.

She did a great job with the candles too. Grace was so excited to be the star of the day. She has sung the birthday song to all of her siblings since coming home in July, and she was very ready for it to be her turn!
Grace is so darn photogenic that everyone else pales (literally) in comparison to her. She can really light it up when she sees the camera come out.
Grace had so any family members come to her party. Everyone seemed to know that this was going to be a very special day for her. We were so lucky that everyone could come.
She had been looking forward to playing "Angry Birds" with Uncle Dave since she heard he was coming to the party...he even brought a new version of the game to show her ;)
Can you tell that she loves the attention?
Grace is almost always smiling for the camera, but this picture was taken as the party was coming to an end...see the difference in her cute little expression?

Grace and Kemily...so cute together...

Of course everyone spoiled Grace with presents. Check out this adorable doll that Kemily gave her. I LOVE the hair! She looks so cute lined up with the AG dolls we have. The doll is part of the Journey Girls collection.

Check out this adorable dance bag. Grace will be carrying her dance shoes in style. I ordered the bag on Etsy from "Too Too Cute Boutique."

And to make sure that Grace is well rounded with her activities, her cousin Kayla (a soccer player) gave her some soccer supplies. The shin guards and ball are just right- pink and purple- perfect!

So there you have it...a birthday party for an adorable, smart, resilient little girl. We are so blessed to be her family and are so lucky to be able to celebrate with her this year. What an honor for us. Happy birthday Grace!!!


  1. Perfect! And yes, 4 does sound a LOT older than 3. :-( Wish we could freeze them!!!

    (and I totally know what you mean about "pales" in comparison... we feel the same way in our house! )

  2. Happy Birthday sweet Grace!! Your smile makes me smile!!

  3. She is SO precious! And as far as I'm concerned, four is still a baby :O).. it just has to be, because I still call my almost-three-year-old "the baby"! Happy Birthday Grace!

  4. Happy Birthday Grace!!! So funny as Maya got the very same doll and a frilly bag. Haha. Oh I wish we lived closer as I think Maya and Grace would be best friends :)

  5. Happy Birthday Grace!!

    We wanted to get your address to send you a thank you and update on our Etsy sale from December that you donated to, would you mind emailing that to me? cgladheim@gmail.com
    Christy for theperpetualchange.me