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Friday, April 29, 2011

We Couldn't Help Ourselves...

When your four year old tells you that she plans to be a princess when she grows up, you sort of have to celebrate the Royal Wedding...As many of you know, Grace is FANCY. She loves to be PRETTY, and she believes that she WILL be a princess some day.
So, this morning as the big kids got ready for school, Grace got ready for our little "coffee"/royal wedding watching party. We invited some friends over to watch the wedding (previously recorded) and have some fun.
Grace loved the princess' dress, the carriage she road in, and of course, all of the smiling, waving, and attention the princess got. The whole event confirmed Grace's plans to become a princess some day.
Royal treats.
Grace and her friend Ellie. I am pretty sure Ellie thinks Grace is getting carried away with this "princess thing."
The celebrating carried over into our drive way after our little coffee party/wedding watching party.
And tonight, my "big girl" got to celebrate with her friends. The girls enjoyed some special treats while THEY watched the wedding - we even had real candy from London (Doug was in London recently on business and brought home lots of goodies for us!).
A fun day was had by all. An exhausted Grace fell into bed tonight and was asleep in a matter of seconds. I bet she is dreaming of her bright future as a princess...


  1. She looks SO cute! My Grace was all excited when she saw the pictures in the paper this morning and I told her that it was a "real" princess. Her eyes got big....I think she was making plans to get herself over to England!

  2. You are SUCH a fun mom!! AHH, I just love this!!

  3. LOVE!!! Still watching the wedding (slowly... as I have the chance) on TiVo... such a special day!!!