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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Champions!!!!

What an exciting day here in Green Bay!!!! I am too tired to write much, but let's just say we have been cheering on our team all day. It is so much fun to experience a Super Bowl with the kids (the last time the Packers won a Super Bowl, I was pregnant with my first baby!).
Getting ready for the big game...

We invited over some great friends who appreciate the Packers as much as we do. It turned out to be a blast. There were a few tense moments and a little pacing on behalf of my husband, but all turned out well.

Did you know that in Green Bay even the Bud Light is "green and gold?"

My favorites were the heart shaped cookies with our favorite players numbers on them...
Go Aaron Rodgers!!!
The boys pretending that our "green and gold" popcorn was the Lombardi trophy...
Grace with one of her "best friends."
The boys marching through the neighborhood before kick off. I guess the Packer theme music and flags were just what the team needed to inspire a victory!
Way to go Packers!!!!

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  1. Deena! You are an awesome mom!!!

    One of my best friends here in Tulsa is from Green Bay and she was shocked and saddened by the lack of Green and Gold items available in our stores! Her parents sent her a package full of stuff- apparently like green and gold hot dog buns- for the game, but with all the snow the pkg wasn't able to get through. She was so sad! But I think the win made up for it!

    Congrats!!! Your Packers were amazing!!!