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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Day Of Summer Vacation

It is a beautiful day here in Wisconsin ... the last day of summer vacation - oh, and the weather is nice too! :) We decided to do something fun, so we went to the wildlife sanctuary to feed some ducks and check out a few animal exhibits. The first picture ever taken of me with my FOUR kids...that sounds so crazy!
Grace's brother is showing her how to feed the geese. She certainly has no fear. I think she would have jumped right in the water with them if I would have let her.

What a cute bunch!

And to think that Grace has lived three whole years without being shoved in a giant turtle or goose for a picture...She didn't really seem to appreciate it very much...
She DID like the bear skin that she was allowed to touch. She thought she heard it "roar," so she "roared" right back.
She is still all about fashion. Today she was given four outfit options, and this is what she decided on. I find that our morning fashion battles go much more smoothly when I lay out three or four choices (that are all OK with me) and let her choose (two choices are never enough- both would be a big fat NO). She is also all about the accessories. She has on her "pretty shoes" and fake earrings to top off the outfit.
So sweet! Well, it has been a life-changing summer and it is sort of sad that it has to come to an end. The kids are excited to go back to school. Grace keeps asking about HER school...I have a feeling she is going to be pretty bummed out tomorrow morning when we drop all the kids off and head back home. I am looking forward to more one-on-one time with Grace, but I know she will miss her brothers and sister. I have this (unrealistic) idea that without the three older kids home, Grace and I will get our house organized, make great dinners, do all of the laundry and cleaning and then at night, we will all be able to enjoy each others company (after we battle through homework, sports practices, driving to the dance studio, etc)...Hmmm...time will tell!


  1. Those are some great pix and a great way to end the summer.

    And your Grace and my Avé must be Ethiopian TWINS- it's all about the fashion!!! Hilarious!

    Adorable fam!

  2. I love the picture of you and the kids!! Oh, the fashion with these Ethiopian girls. What is it??? I see the comment above and she has it too! So, you lay out three or four outfits and that helps? I'm the mean mom who says, "this or this!" We went to the zoo today. It was cold and raining, and I told her to wear some pants and a long sleeved shirt. She comes down in a pink, ruffled sundress and big fake earrings!! I sent her back upstairs so fast her head was spinning! LOL!