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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Day On The Farm

Today we were able to take a drive to Door County and visit one of our favorite family-friendly places..."The Farm." We have been taking our kids to The Farm for the past twelve years, and it never disappoints. Everyone has a great time feeding, chasing, and holding, the animals. The weather was beautiful today. It was so much fun to bring Grace to a farm. She loves to read The Big Red Barn and we have been talking about all of the animals that we would be visiting at the real farm. She had a ball...

The big steer was very friendly...

Holding the kittens is always a big hit. We don't have cats, and every year the kids try to talk us into bringing one home...nope...
Bryce was really into the cats today. He says holding kittens is one of his "favorite things to do..." Better get this boy some more hobbies.
The goats are pretty assertive when it comes time to drinking their bottles. Grace thought it was so funny.

Hey, that flower looks just like the one my mom makes me wear all the time...
Two cute little farmers.
That is one big horse...
OK...this was so funny. The farmer was doing a goat milking demonstration. Grace was totally into it and made her way next to the farmer, and starting milking the goat! She was really confident and comfortable with it. The farmer said that he was not even helping her and that she was doing it all by herself....makes me wonder what kind of experience she had with goats in Ethiopia. Who knows? Maybe she has done this before!

We had a great time at the farm. To top the day off, we got to Skype with our friends The Hendersons who live in Louisville. Grace hasn't "seen" Tedi since they lived together at KVI in Ethiopia. It was great to have the kids get a chance to "talk" to each other and see each other via the computer. We miss being able to see our travel buddies and look forward to seeing them again soon! Hopefully we will make it to Louisville for a visit before the end of the year!


  1. Wow - She can milk a goat! I am dying laughing! These kids do keep us wondering....what was life like in Ethiopia?? My Grace loves "Big Red Barn' too, but I am a bit of a slacker and have not taken her to a farm yet. Who know, maybe she can milk a goat too?!

  2. I can't believe she walked right up and started milking the goat!!

    A trip to Louisville is a GREAT idea!!

  3. Can I join you next time? The farm looks like a lot of fun and I know Maya would love it!