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Friday, August 20, 2010

Rainy Day Play

So what to do on a rainy Friday (besides secretly wishing that school had already started)?... Well, Grace kept busy and enjoyed herself even though it was nasty outside and the hail was falling. In addition to baking muffins and cookies, we enjoyed doing some fun "indoor" stuff together. She enjoyed lots of dress up with her sweet sister. Alyssa is such a good sport!
Grace has never sat still to watch TV or dvds, however, when we were in Ethiopia, I bought a dvd of kids singing Christian music in Amharic. She has been asking to watch "Ethiopia" every day since she first saw it. She loves it! I wish she could translate for us. It would be so nice to know what she is thinking while she watches. She gets into a sort of relaxing trance (except for when she is dancing to the music). The three other kids are really sick of watching it by the way :) It is next to impossible to tell her "no" when she asks, with her sweet little accent, to "watch Ethiopia?"

All dressed up for lunch. Nice dinnerware, huh? Grace LOVES corn on the cob. She is also an expert corn husker. I wouldn't be surprised if she has experience doing that. Notice the chai tea with her lunch. She asks for "shy" (Ethiopian word for tea) all the time . Lucky for her it s one of her mom's daily rituals. We always start our day together with a cup of chai.

Making blanket forts was a hit - it tends to get a little wild with the boys. The addition of a huge cardboard box made for even more fun...

Today we also got out the big Barbie head. It was a hit! I hope we can find a more "ethnic" version. She still hates having her (small amount of) hair combed out. It would be nice to have a curly Barbie head to prove to her the importance of combing her beautiful curls.

Two beauties! The rainy day has turned out to be pretty fun for Grace. We are looking forward to some pizza and a movie tonight and can't wait to see what tomorrow brings our way.
Enjoy the weekend!!!

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