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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Great Gift Idea for Adopted Toddlers/Preschoolers!

These little stuffed animals are perfect for helping kids express their feelings and share emotions. Each stuffed animal comes with a pocket that hides three "emotions." The animals all have their own "personality" and come with emotions that are specific to their personality. The little "emotions" can be taken out of the pocket and shared. Grace is such a verbal little girl and seems to be doing great, BUT...she has her moments. From time to time, she says things that clue me in to her frustrations, inability to express herself in a kind way, and her self-protective behavior. I thought these little "critters" might help her to express herself appropriately, and would allow us some good dialog when times are a little tough.
The reason I am posting about this TODAY, is that I just got an email from "8 moms" and the Kimochis toys are over 50% when you shop 8 moms for them. Check out the Kimochis website to learn more about the toys, and then register with 8 moms to order at a huge discount.

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