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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Grace Attempts An "All Nighter"

Grace decided that she did NOT want to go to sleep. She wasn't tired...yeah, right. Well, I figured, why not call her bluff. I told her that she could stay up ALL night long. I am so fun like that (NOT). I told her she could stay up ALL night, as long as she was wearing pjs, stayed in bed, and had the lights out. She was so excited that she wanted to get in bed without reading bedtime stories. She was so excited that she couldn't wait for her "fun" to start. She crawled in bed beaming with joy. (I love how Grace starts reciting our family rules when I ask her what the "rules" are about staying up all night).

This is how I found her two minutes later...


  1. Too funny! Sometimes I think kids just want permission to do something, not that they really want to or will do it!

  2. i can't see the video! it wouldn't download for me on FB either!! i wanna see this girl IN PERSON!! :0)

  3. Love it. We do this with our girls on the weekends--no bedtime--stay up all night if you want! They always get so excited and say "whoo hoo we're going to be nocturnal tonight!" And they end up staying up about an hour past their usual bedtime. So funny. And Grace looks so precious in her little sleep cap--nothing so sweet as watching children dream.

  4. Love it. I may try that:) She is beautiful even when she is sleeping.