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Friday, January 21, 2011

I LOVE This Shirt!!!

I absolutely LOVE this shirt!!!! I just got mine in the mail and love, love, love it! It fits great (soft, nice and long, etc.) and is so darn cute! The fact that it is -13degrees today didn't even stop me from wearing it (with a long sleeved tee underneath and sweater over the top). I asked Grace what she thought of the picture on my new shirt and she smiled and said that it was "mom and dad on a plane to go to Ethiopia." I really like the simplicity of this design.
LOVE -enough said.
Please click HERE to see how you can order a shirt of your own. The family selling these awesome tees is raising funds for a mission trip to Ethiopia. I love it when families who have adopted from Ethiopia come home and continue to stay connected to their child's birth country. The shirts are a great deal - only $16 plus shipping. Check it out!!!

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  1. Thank You!!! I'm just about sold out. I have one large shirt left. I'm contemplating doing another order for my wife's mission trip in 2012... we'll see. Things are just super crazy right now with all our cloth diaper collecting. Thank you so much for posting this!