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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cute Clothes and Packer Football

Clearly my little Grace does not need more clothes. This is evidenced by her bedroom closet that is chucked full. I can't even fit another hanger on the bar...it is crazy to think I would consider shopping for more clothes for her....BUT, I found a great new website with the cutest girls clothes. They have styles that are adorable AND, get this, the company was started in South Africa. Check out Naartjiekids.com to see some adorable clothes at affordable prices. They expanded to the US, but have maintained their commitment to their African roots. "The name "Naartjie" (pronounced nar chee) is an Afrikaans word for "a small, sweet citrus fruit” found in Africa. For the Naartjie Brand it is also synonymous for a "distinctive, affordable, naturally soft, functional, kid-friendly clothing brand"." So, I couldn't help myself when I found this dress on the naartjiekids website for $14. Grace loves the clothes because they are "fancy" and yet comfy. The clothes are made of natural materials (for the most part), but they throw in a little tulle and lace to make them "fancy." I also love that the clothes are age appropriate. In addition to this little number, I got two more dresses that are equally cute. One was $8 and one was $9. They have a sale on clearance stuff right now so check it out.
The other thing on our mind in Green Bay these days, is football. Super Bowl madness has hit Green Bay and it is wild. Green and gold clothes are everywhere. If I had a dime for every person who talked to me about the Packers or friend who changed their facebook photo to that of a Packer player, I would be a rich girl (and could buy more naartjie clothes for Grace).
I am NOT going to blog about the Packers any more (maybe on Super bowl Sunday), so I am going to get this out of my system.

Future Green Bay Packer... Drew was so excited that the Pack made it to the Super Bowl. He was thrilled that they are going to play in the big game "during his lifetime."

OK...off to take Grace to dance...the dance studio just happens to be down the street from Lambeau Field. It is fun to drive by the stadium and feel the excitement!


  1. We LOVE Naartjie in our house, and she wears it VERY WELL! Your family is beautiful :O).

  2. We do have Naartjie here. I've bought Abbie some stuff there in the past, but since I never go to the mall anymore (can you imagine?!) I had forgotten about it! It looks darling on your Grace!

    Also, thanks for the encouragement in your email. More soon~

  3. Hi. I found your blog from Armstrong Adventures and wanted to order two necklaces. I had trouble finding where to do that. Is this the right blog? You can email me takva73@gmail.com or leave a comment on my blog.

    Thanks! Kelly

  4. Just purchased a pair of shoes for Lexi from Naartjie! So cute!

  5. Hi Deena,
    Could you email me your street address? Perpetual Change would like to send you a thank you and an update on how our Etsy sale went.
    Christy Gladheim
    Perpetual Change

  6. Naartjie is one of my favorite stores for the girls but I have to order online as I don't have a store right by me (although one is coming to MPLS). I love all their clothes.