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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Bryce!!!

Today is the birthday of one of the sweetest 8 year olds on the planet! I have been telling my little sweetie that I am not going to celebrate his birthday with him...that way he will stay 7. He was not in favor of my idea, though...We had to celebrate.
Last year Bryce had the most awesome "mad scientist" birthday bash. We threw quite a party. I was pleasantly surprised when Bryce asked for a bowling party this year...slightly less planning ;) Great choice Bryce. Seriously...couldn't you just eat this kid up?

Happy Birthday my sweet "8" year old. You bring so much love and joy to our family. You are kind, creative and oh so good at building with Legos! I am so lucky to be your mom and can't wait to see what an amazing young man you will grow up to be. We are so blessed to have you as our "baby boy." Thank you for being my little buddy and for not being too old to "snuggle" with me and share a good "chat."
Now...if only the Packers could give you the best birthday present ever...the NFC Championship victory! Go Pack Go!

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  1. Deena- you are right~ that kid is pretty adorable!!! Happy day to him!!!