"Sometimes I'd like to ask God why He allows poverty, famine, and injustice in the world when He could do something about it...but I'm afraid God might ask me the same question."

Monday, August 29, 2011

Looking for a awesome new shirt? hat? purse for your little girl? Look no further...I can hook you up!

As those of you who have adopted know, there is something about adoptive moms that makes it really easy to hit it off with each other. I guess it is the fact that we share the same "calling" or something (it might also be that we feel so relieved that other people are as crazy as we are!). Recently I became friends with a wonderful person named Kim. Some of you have followed her blog (Change Me) while she prepared to travel to Ethiopia for the first time on a mission trip with Ordinary Hero. Before Kim traveled, I teased her that she was going to fall in love with Ethiopia and would come back a different person (I was right ;)). I also teased her that she was going to fall in love with a little PERSON while she was in Ethiopia and would want to adopt...I was wrong...she fell in love with TWO LITTLE PEOPLE!
To make a (really awesome) story short, Kim is now in the process of adopting two sweet girls from Ethiopia. And guess what? Since things have been done in a different order (no waiting around for a referral here = no time to save cash for the adoption fees), Kim and her family are working at warp speed to raise some funds for their adoption costs.

Kim has an awesome t-shirt design:
I absolutely LOVE her design. I can't wait to get my hands on the shirt I ordered. When we started our adoption journey, I became obsessed with inspirational quotes that would comfort me...after all, adoption is not for the faint of heart. I leaned heavily on certain quotes and Bible verses. Proverbs 24:12 was one of these. That is part of the reason I love this shirt so much. It is such a simple message of love...once we know, we must act.

The shirt is perfect for anyone who has adopted, gone on a mission trip, or has just become aware of the orphan crisis in the world. Once our eyes are "opened," there is no turning back!
PLEASE take a minute to visit Kim's new adoption blog (Put A Little Love...) and give her some encouragement.
PLEASE take a few minutes to consider supporting her adoption by either purchasing a t-shirt or donating a couple of dollars to help with their (huge...think TWO adoptions here) fees.

I really wanted to do a little something for Kim. She is such an inspiration. She is following her heart and calling even though it will be a long road financially, emotionally, and physically (so much to do in such a short time!). So, I tried to come up with a little "giveaway" to help Kim sell a couple of shirts...

I have three really cool, hand-made items that I will give away.
A cute little girl's purse.
Cute tan hat!
Cute black hat!
So...how do you win these cute things? Simple.
A) buy a t-shirt... earn 5 entries
B) donate to Kim's adoption... each $5 donation earns 1 entry *every single dollar helps*
C) blog about (or share on facebook) Kim's awesome t-shirt design and earn 2 entries!
Be sure to leave me a comment about what you have done and which item(s) you would like your entries to be for.
Come on...we can do this! Your odds of winning are pretty good ;) I (probably Grace) will draw the winning entries on Friday, September 2nd...noon (central time) after Grace's first day of preschool.

Better get on over to Kim's blog, because Grace and I really like these little goodies!


  1. I fell in love with those shirts too! I purchased a shirt and blogged about it (http://afr2007.blogspot.com/2011/08/fabulous-shirtand-fabulous.html)...and I'll do another update and tell everyone about YOUR giveaway either today or tomorrow! :0) I'll put 5 entries toward the purse and 2 entries toward one of the hats (whichever has the least number of entries! lol).

  2. Alright Lady, I already ordered a shirt and blogged about it, LOL so how about you let me buy a hat and the money can go to Kim?? I LOVE that hat!! :) Hope all is well with ya'll

  3. I just bought a shirt. Love that verse! So glad we can help others who are adopting. Put me in for the hat drawings (either one is fine.)

    Did you get all crafty and make these cool giveaway items? If so, very nice! If not, they're still cool! :)

  4. Ahhh! I can't believe how AWESOME those t-shirts are!! The quote they use on the front of the shirt is the tagline to my personal e-mail account and the lyrics on the back I ALSO USED on the photo video I made after our first trip to Ethiopia! This t-shirt was MADE for me!!! :D

    Soooo...I OF COURSE happily purchased one and will put it on facebook shortly. I am trying to talk my husband into buying one, I'll keep you posted!

    I sure would love to see those girls home and that cute hat on my head (listed in order of importance, of course!)

    Thanks for doing this!!



  5. Love these shirts and can't wait for mine! I bought the shirt, posted on my blog and face book about it.

  6. I just bought a tshirt for a friend- so cute! And I love all three of YOUR items! Especially the tan hat! Thanks so much for the opportunity to help!
    lifewithjding (at) gmail (dot) com