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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good bye summer...Hello fall...

Good bye baseball.
Hello book bag.
(notice our crazy dog in the picture? I really must write a post about him some time...I could use some help with him...he is quite the challenge these days.)

Grace is getting all set for preschool. She had a blast making her own book bag for school. She loves to do "projects," so this was a perfect way to start preparing for her first school experience.
She also loves clothes, so it was fun to talk about school clothes and how we will need to choose her clothes the night before school (thus eliminating the clothing drama that ensues around here when Grace complains that she does not want to wear something that I pick for her- I am sorry, but there ARE times when glitter, lace, sparkles, bows, and tutus are just not necessary).
Naartjie had a great sale. I love ordering from their website. It just so happens that most of the things I ordered feature the continent of Africa on them. I wonder if Grace will ever get sick of this????? For now, I love it!
The last thing we needed to do to get ready for school was to cut out Grace's braids. We decided that it was time to "rock the fro" again. We thought it would be nice for her new classmates to meet her with her "natural" hair. I thought it might eliminate questions and dumb comments that kids might make if, all of a sudden, Grace showed up at school with short hair instead of her long extensions.
Taking out the braids was a lot less dramatic this time around. Grace was actually excited about having her natural hair again.
So cute. She looks so much younger without the braids. I think I missed her cute curls more than I realized.
Now, all we need to do is meet Grace's teacher-I can't wait to see the look on Grace's face when we go to "open house" and she sees her school for the first time. She is going to LOVE it! Three more days until her first day of school. Hoping we can contain her excitement for three more days....


  1. Loved it!!!!!!! Trying to get more followers on our blog!!!! How did you do it?? Our family will miss summer too, Grace's book bag is adorable!!!!!!

  2. that baseball pic is hilarious!she does look younger without the braids. love those curls.

  3. why does she look so BIG all of a sudden? like her face changed and she grew up too much over the summer!!!! STOP IT! life is moving too fast...

  4. She looks so excited about school! I loved her braids, but she does look so cute and so much younger with her hair short! I am dreading taking the braids out. Any tips? I hope that pre-school is a great experience for her!