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Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010!

This Halloween weekend proved to be one of the best our family has had yet! We started off on Friday night with some good old pumpkin carving. I think it is so funny that Grace has not questioned any of the weird things we do. Almost four months home and she just goes with the flow...

Saturday night was so much fun! We host a family Halloween party every year...this year, we decided to pass the reigns to our 8th grade daughter. She had an AWESOME party for her friends. We were thrilled to host the event and it turned out great. It was a boy/girl bash complete with an awesome DJ (a family friend who did a great job!). The kids danced, fooled around, and just looked darn cool in their costumes.Here I am with my daughter. Hopefully neither of us will look like this when she is really a bride (I really don't want her to have a barbed wire tattoo). I wasn't sure if I should wear a costume...I decided it would be easier to sneak into the party to see what was going on if I was dressed in something "dark." The hardest part of the night was not constantly checking on the kids...I was dying to see how the boys and girls were interacting. Hopefully I didn't embarrass my daughter too much - she was such a beautiful, creepy bride!

Some of the cute party guests that I know I can post on my blog...next time I should really have the parents sign a release so I can post pictures of them. They all looked so cool!
Finally it was Halloween and the other three kids could celebrate! Grace dressed as the Queen of Hearts. She does make my heart skip a beat when I look at her and think about all she has gone through in her three short years. She was adorable in her vintage dress...and the eye shadow was a compromise...she had to look like her big sister.

First time trying out the "trick or treat" line. It worked! I also have to tell you that she was the most polite trick or treater. She said thank you more often than the American kids that came to my door!

The four kids getting ready for trick or treating to start.

Wow! Grace said her pumpkin was too heavy! I guess I will have to help her weed through the candy...I am sure she will enjoy sharing her "heavy" chocolate with me.

All in all, Halloween 2010 was wonderful! And as my 8th grade daughter said, "we have to do it all again next year!!!!" - pretty sure she was just talking about HER party!!


  1. Happy Halloween! The kids all looked great in their costumes. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  2. A. DOR. A. BLE. !!!!!!!!!!

    Absolutely precious- all the pix and all your kids!!!

    And I have thought the same about Avé- that she just accepts all our crazy things as "normal" in some way! Hilarious! :-)

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I was just thinking tonight on my way home that I really need to post something..there's just not enough hours in the day! Maryn was 4 when we brought her home and it was such a great age- I agree. All your kids are beautiful and Grace is just cute as can be! Congratulations!