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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Four Months Home...Wishes...

A couple of days ago Grace and I were playing in the yard. We noticed that there were still some dandelions that hadn't blown completely away for the year. I took a few minutes to try to explain to Grace that she needed to "make a wish" and blow the fuzzy part of the plant into the wind. She was so excited to watch the little white puffs float up into the sky...got me thinking about wishes. Grace didn't really know what I meant when I told her to "make a wish." How do you explain that? I started making my own wishes for her... Today marks four months since Grace has been with our family. The time has gone so fast, and yet it seems like she has been here forever. Obviously, my wish for Grace is that she will know that the love of our family will be forever- permanent- we are here for her. I wish that the joy we see in Grace is real and that her adjustment to our family is truly as smooth as it appears. I wish that she not suffer any more pain and grief and that she feels comfort and peace.
At the same time, I can't stop thinking about about her birth relatives... My wish is that they can somehow know how well Grace is doing. That they can feel comfort in knowing that she is loved and adored. We pray for them every day... I was talking to another adoptive mom about the pain I feel for Grace's relatives. I told her that I just wish I had more answers and that I wish they could know how she is doing. The mom said "Who knows? God may be providing them with the comfort and peace they need and He might somehow provide you all with answers you need some day...it truly is His plan after all." She's right, isn't she?
For now, at four months home, Grace is doing remarkably well. She is a strong little girl who has gone through so much in her three short years. We are so proud of her. We are so honored to be her family. We are so excited to help her live out her wishes!!!

***AND, she is a little spunky too!


  1. Check out that orange outfit and the hand on the hip! SO cute! I'm so glad that she is transitioning so well, and will be praying that the peace she is experiencing is real and lasting. Blessings~

  2. This post is close to my heart today. Your daughter is sdorable!

  3. She is darling!! We are just over four months together. I think of Bereket's birth father often too and pray that he has peace that Bereket is now healthy.

  4. It looks like, from the last picture, she is a little sassy too! :) (reminds me of my Grace!)

    Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Drive Safe!

  5. your posts always give me a lift--struggling today...with the details, especially who will care for our kids while we're gone. wish someone would jump up and do it all. love that grace is loving being a part of your family as much as you are loving having her home. you can see it in her face--she's happy.

  6. OH, for the love!!! I had some sweet thoughts to share, but that last photo of her with her hand on her hip just made them fly out of my head. OH! I just love her!!!!

    My wish is that someday we will get our sweet, spunky ET girls together!!! ;-)