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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Drew!!!

I can not believe you are a teenager!!! UGH!!!!  
You continue to amaze us Drew.  You wake up every day ready to start fresh, and you enjoy life so much.
We could learn a lot from you Drew...

...Like how to be a fun brother...most of the time.
...and how to relax and enjoy the moment.
You are never afraid to try something new (including new food)!
Your love of football is contagious (I never thought I would enjoy reading autobiographies of professional football players).
We are so proud of how hard you play and how much time you spend in the hot summer sun getting ready for the season to start!

We could also learn a thing or two about taking time to enjoy the outdoors...your favorite place to be.
And when it comes to learning...you are an excellent "gamer" and can learn how to use just about any piece of technology (you also enjoy teaching others-I never would have been able to figure out the weird Xbox controller without you).
Thanks for your smile.
We love you more than you know.
We are so lucky to be your family.
We look forward to celebrating YOU today and are blessed to be part of your life.
 Thanks for being YOU, and remember that you are an incredible kid (or should I say teenager?)!
Happy Birthday Drewman!!!

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  1. 2 teenagers now!! He looks like such a sweet boy! And I'm proud of you for even trying to work the XBox controller!