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Saturday, July 28, 2012

An AWESOME book about an amazing Olympian

We had an great time watching the Olympic opening ceremony last night.  
Grace waved her Ethiopian flag proudly when the Ethiopian team entered the stadium.  
This was the first time we were able to celebrate the Olympics with Grace, and I have to say that after traveling to Ethiopia and going through the adoption process, it feels like we have a real connection to Ethiopia.  We did not only adopt a beautiful little three year old girl to come into our family, we adopted the entire country of Ethiopia into our hearts.
Our hearts were so filled with joy when we watched the athletes from Grace's country of birth, marching proudly and holding the Ethiopia flag.

OK...I am serious about the next part of my post...this book is sooooo good!
I heard about the book, it arrived at my house on Thursday, and I finished it today (it's that good!).
It is the autobiography of Lopez Lomong.  He is an Olympic athlete that has lived an incredible life.  
He was born in South Sudan.  He was kidnapped by rebel soldiers when he was six years old.  He escaped the horrors of his captures and eventually fled to Kenya where he lived in a refugee camp for ten years. There were so many amazing parts of his life, but one of the most incredible parts was that he eventually came to the U.S. and is now part of the U.S. Olympic team.  Just a short time ago, he was living in Kenya and running barefoot.  He worked so incredibly hard to reach his goals.  He never gave up hope.  He trusted that God had an amazing plan for him, and he did whatever he could to make his dreams come true.  Lopez also has a foundation that works to improve the lives of other innocent casualties of the Sudanese Civil War. 
Lopez Lomong is a true inspiration.
This is a fantastic book to read right now!  
I CAN NOT wait to see what Lopez does in the 2012 Olympic Games!!!!

You can order the book HERE

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