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Monday, November 21, 2011

Month In Review...(where do I begin?)

It's been such a long time since I've blogged about what we've been up to, that I thought I would do a quick month in review (basically the highlights in pictures).

October was a busy and fun month for us. We started off by participating in our 2nd annual Africa Hope Run. Our church began this awesome 5K/10K race last year in an effort to raise funds to support orphans in Malawi, Africa. Grace had only been home a few months the last time we participated. This year she was ready to take the race by storm.

Here is Grace at the "starting/finishing" line. She was so excited...she still tells everyone that she"won" the race.
The "big boys" ran the race.
The "little boys" walked the race.
Grace ran AND walked the race. Here she is on the final leg. She had such a great crowd cheering for her as she crossed the finish line.
Celebrating after the race...
The high school girls had a great time as well. I love that Alyssa's friends come out to help support a cause that is so close to our hearts.

October was full of costumes and partying. Alyssa's first high school dance was a "masquerade" dance. She was dressed like a rock star with her friend Annie. They both looked a little too cute to be serious rockers. Her friend Haley did a great job of being cute AND creepy at the same time...

The SECOND high school dance of the year was called "Fall Ball." Once again, Alyssa and her sweet friend Annie looked adorable.
Alyssa is blessed with great friends.
OK...back to costumes. Our family has been hosting pretty cool Halloween parties for years. We pride ourselves on our Halloween spirit. Last year we passed that party torch to Alyssa and she hosted a great party for her friends. This year was no exception. Alyssa invited a bunch of high school kids to party at our house.
Grace was allowed to attend (some of) the party...she is still quite a novelty with Alyssa's friends. Her Little Mermaid costume was a hit as well.
We were lucky enough to find a great DJ (and a great deal) for the night.
Times have sure changed. I am pretty sure that if I had a Halloween party in high school, I would have probably had a few cassette tapes and my giant "boom box" to provide the music (and NO laser light show).

We watched a little soccer...Grace and her cousin Kayla...
We carved pumpkins.

Grace had fun dressing up for preschool.

And, of course, trick or treating was a blast. I can't believe the time has come for my boys to have such bizare costumes. I used to dress them in such cute costumes. Now, they are creepy and weird.
Thank goodness for cute little "Ariel" or my kids would have completely embarrassed me.
Grace and her BFF Kemily.
October and November also included some fun time with friends.
I was able to travel to Chicago TWO times to be a part of the taping of the new "Rosie" show on the OWN network (long story).
Here we are outside of Harpo Studios. It was fun to see the studio where Oprah taped her show (I was also lucky enough to attend a few of her tapings in the past).

Here we are IN the studio. We saw a few celebrities (Jim Belushi, Jane Fonda) and had fun seeing the production side of the show.
AND, last but not least, Grace made a new friend (and so did I)! We were able to meet a fellow blogger and her adorable son. He was welcomed home from Ethiopia this year. It is so nice to get together with other adoptive moms and their sweet kids. The kids seem to really "click" and recognize that they have something special in common.
So, there you have it- a little look at what our last month has been like. Busy, fun, and always interesting.

Now that I've caught you all up to speed, I can start writing about what has been heavy on my heart...my passion for, and desire to serve, the beautiful and remarkable people of Ethiopia. I have some REALLY incredible things to share about some great opportunities for YOU ALL to serve in your own way...details to come soon!

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