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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

AWESOME giveaway and some great Christmas ornaments!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE head on over to our friends, the Henderson's, blog and take part in their awesome giveaway! You must act fast. The winners will be chosen on 11/11/11.

They are giving away TONS of cool adoption t-shirts, ornaments, accessories, and beautiful artwork. PLEASE make a donation to their adoption fund and you just might end up with a TON of cool stuff!!!

The Hendersons are also selling these super cute Christmas ornaments. I am making every effort to give gifts this Christmas that will help adoptive families or organizations that give back and are helping to support orphans and projects in Ethiopia...why not give a real gift this year?

Grace wanted to wear one of her many (I know...ridiculous) holiday dresses to pose with the Henderson's ornaments. These make great gifts - you could even make a nice size donation to their adoption fund (as a gift in someones name) and give the ornament to represent the donation you made...you could even use these to add to Christmas gifts as a very special tag attached to show your love of orphans!
Please go check out the Henderson's blog...
We traveled to Ethiopia with JT when we brought Grace home. Grace and Tedi are buddies from the same orphanage. We are hoping they can continue to be lifelong friends and we are so excited that this awesome family will be adding another little one from Ethiopia! Please pray for them as they embark on their second adoption. They are a wonderful family and we are honored to call them friends...who would have thought we would meet such awesome people when we started this adoption journey? ...another reason why adoption rocks!

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  1. i will check them out now! grace is a great marketing tool. :)