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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy 10 Months Home Grace!

Just Right. Grace wearing HER dance costume at her dance class picture day...

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Grace's version of "Just Right." Grace wearing her sister's old dance costume and tons of make up around the house.
It's hard to believe we have been blessed with ten months of Grace already. Time flies. I had so many things planned for Grace and I to do that "first year home" and now, it is almost over! She continues to amaze us every day. She does so many naughty, silly, and sweet things each day. Here are just a few examples...

Happy ten months home Grace!


  1. She is SO sweet!! Happy 10 months home, beautiful girl!

  2. Personally, I like the make-up! :)
    We missed you yesterday, I hope all is well.

  3. Aww, too cute!

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