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Friday, May 27, 2011

Guess Who Has Long Hair?

Grace has long hair!!!
Check out Grace's new locks...it was a four hour process, but she is thrilled with the results. She can really "whip her hair back and forth" now.
I know someone who has a lot of experience braiding (she has three daughters), and she offered to help me out and get Grace's hair ready for summer styling. She said that her daughters keep their braids in all summer. The hair can be easily pulled back into a pony tail or pig tails.
We started off with three packs of hair from Sally Beauty Supply. I was told to get three "packs of hair that was a number "one" (color). Sounded easy, but you should have seen me at the store. I imagine if we were in a bigger city it would have been easier to get some help- the lady at the store was about as knowledgeable as I was. I finally figured out what kind of "hair" to buy and guess what? Grace's hair has quite a bit of brown in it (I sort of thought it was all black). We used a 1B color. I am learning so much...I actually thought I might be able to learn how to do the braids, but after watching an expert, I think I will stick to hiring a pro to do it.
I also thought it was funny that the brand of hair we used was called "Sassy." Perfect for little miss Grace. ;)
I saved two days worth of TV shows for Grace to watch (sort of made her stay away from the television the day before) while her hair was braided. We never could have done this six months ago. Grace is now a huge fan of TV, so it worked well...it took FOUR HOURS of solid braiding to achieve the end result. It was the exact amount of time that Grace was able to sit. By the end she was ready to be done!!!

The first thing Grace asked me this morning was "can I have my hair in a pony tail?" You bet Grace...you earned it!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!


  1. Oh my goodness, SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  2. Okay....that is AMAZING!!!! My Grace would die if I told her that was a possibility. Please keep us posted on how it holds up. May have to consider.....

  3. LOVE! She looks adorable!!!!!!

  4. That is adorable Deena!!! We got our blog up and running if you want to check it out! www.organizedchaos-keastfamily.blogspot.com

  5. Love it. She looks precious.