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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

iPod Touch Giveaway!!!

OK...so the blog is starting to look a little "busy." We are going to push hard on a few fundraising projects for the next month, and then get back to a nice, clean blog layout. It is so very humbling to do fundraising...When we started the adoption process I noticed so many raffles, contests, etc. on other blogs. People have done so many creative things to raise funds. I thought it was so creative and cool. It does, however, feel a little akward when it is being done on our blog. That said, if we are going to honor this call to adopt, we need to do our part to work on some fundraising...so here goes:

We are starting a big giveaway. Notice the terminology? I am not allowed to make this seem like gamb*ing or a ra*fle contest. I hear that Paypal will kick us right off their site if we use the wrong terms. So...we are having a "giveaway." We have a brand new, 3rd generation (newest version), 8gb ipod touch to give away. If you choose to make a "donation" to our adoption account, your name will be entered in our "giveaway." For a $5 donation, you will receive one "entry." For a $10 donation, you will receive three "entries." If you mention our "giveaway" on your blog or Facebook page and link others to our blog, you will get a bonus entry (just leave a comment on our blog so we know you did this).

So, let the (games) "giveaway" begin. We will select the lucky (winner) "recipient" of the iPod touch on March 14th. That gives us a month to see what we can do! Best of luck and thanks for helping out!!!

If this is the first time you ever visited our blog, you my want to read a little about our adoption process... check out our first post to get a better understanding of where we are coming from:

http://teammarquis.blogspot.com/2009/12/dossier-is-done.html . Thanks again for visiting!

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