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Friday, May 25, 2012

My Beautiful Dancers

Last weekend Grace was "living the dream"- at least her "dream."  She had her "big" dance recital.  In fact, it was a weekend of recitals.  Alyssa (and Grace) go to a great dance studio and they put on amazing dance shows.  Alyssa performed in FIVE shows throughout the weekend (Yes, five 3 hour shows!) and Grace was in one of the five shows.  
Both girls did a beautiful job.  
Grace was definitely in her element. 
What am I going to do with this girl?  I seriously considered having her switch gears and do soccer, try gymnastics, maybe a little softball...all she wants to do it dance.  She is playing soccer right now, but after dancing on the beautiful stage at a historic theater last weekend, it is a lost cause. After her show, she kept asking when her next performance was...oh no.

The boys came to one of the shows.  They were great sports considering Grace only performed about three minutes of the three hour show.  They were also able to see their big sister Alyssa dance.  They were great sports about it and actually really enjoyed the show.

For those of you that have a couple minutes to spare, I suggest you watch these videos and give me some advice..how do I tell this little ballerina that she is done dancing?  I just don't know what to do.
Since I haven't added to her genetic make up in any way, I don't think it is bragging when I say that she is pretty talented too!  Ugh!

(Grace had four girls in her dance class.  I honestly didn't even bother to film them all, because most of them didn't know what to do.  The teacher actually told the class to watch Grace if they forgot what to do!)


(Side note...my husband gave me a hard time because I didn't put any videos of Alyssa dancing online.  Well, her performances are WAY longer than a minute and a half and I wasn't able to pirate any footage of her team dancing.  They are professionally videotaped and I am not supposed to tape them ;)  BUT...Alyssa is an amazing dancer and did a wonderful job in all five shows.  We are so proud of the dancer (and young lady) that she has become!!!!

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