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Friday, May 4, 2012

"It's More Than Just Dance"

Alyssa and I are heading to Chicago this weekend for a dance competition.
It may seem a bit crazy to non-dance people, but I have learned that these weekends are about more than the competitions.
Alyssa dances at a very nice studio.  Their philosophy is "It's More Than Just Dance."
I tend to agree...
It is so awesome to see my daughter have the confidence to get up on stage and perform.  She is a wonderful dancer and her skills continue to grow and mature.  She is committed to doing her best at all times.  She loves to be challenged by the teachers and professional choreographers that they hire to inspire their dancers.  Dancers learn teamwork, goal-setting, and so much about character building.
I am so proud of Alyssa.  She spends so many hours a week at the dance studio.  It is definitely a home away from home.  She has been at the same studio for eleven years!  She goes to dance at least three days a week and is often not home until close to ten o'clock at night.  I also have to point out that Alyssa dances on her high school dance team and is an excellent student
 (we are equally proud of her academic achievements!).

So, as Alyssa and I pack to head out of town, I can't help but reflect...

dance lessons....  $74 million dollars (ok, I may be exaggerating a tiny bit)



 duet lessons...$less than 74 million

 fun new tshirts designed with the help of my new (fellow adoptive mom) friend Rachel...$15

 spending five weekends out of town every year with my awesome teenage daughter...PRICELESS!

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  1. Alyssa just looks like such a sweet girl. And she is SO beautiful - sheesh, I think you are very wise to keep her super busy dancing!! I do admire you though. I see the older girls at Abbie'd dance studio, and man, it is a commitment for the moms!!