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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tooth Fairy Visit...

 I can't believe it!  My LITTLE girl lost a tooth!  Ugh!  I hate that...I love Grace's sweet smile and don't want it to change.  The missing tooth also symbolizes something to me...she's growing up.  
I was in Atlanta (Created for Care retreat) when the tooth came out.  It is probably best that I wasn't home. I would have told her NOT to take it out and it would still be hanging in her mouth by a thread.
Grace was excited.  She looks pretty adorable.  But, it's still a little sad for me.
 The Tooth Fairy came.  Grace told me all about it when I returned from my trip.  She was excited to find "lots of coins" under her pillow.  She was also VERY excited about all of the "fairy dust" that was on her pillow and bed (and face!).  Fairy dust is pretty neat...it looks very similar to the ultra fine iridescent glitter that the sell at Hobby Lobby.  My kids have always been lucky enough to find fairy dust after the Tooth Fairy visits.  It is pretty cool.
(Super cute Africa shirt is from Naartjie...every time they have clothes with Africa on them, I scoop them up for Grace.  I wonder if she'll ever get sick of wearing them???)

Well, I better get used to Grace's new smile.  It might be changing again soon...her other bottom tooth is super loose.  Ugh.

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  1. Hanna has been wiggling that same tooth like crazy lately. She is dying for it to come out!

    Grace looks way older with her hair like that and her missing tooth. So sad!

    Of course I love the shirt. I only got the long sleeve one, but that one is really cute too. :)