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Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Ideas...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  OK...I realize I am a day early (which never happens around here), but I wanted to post a few really cute St. Pat's ideas that I found on Pinterest.
Today Grace got this super cute leprechaun hat at school. What? You can't see it?  Well, it is barely visible     on top of her sweet little fro.

Here are a few ideas to make tomorrow extra fun...

I just know my little Bryce (who is a lego builder extraordinaire) will love this idea.  He loves to make leprechaun traps.

Since it is the day before St. Patrick's Day and we still haven't made this little trap, I am not sure it is going to happen.  I still thought I should share it with you because it is just so darn cute!
The blogger who crafted this beauty also taught me a few things about leprechauns...did you know that:

  •     You can find a Leprechaun if you hear the sound of a hammer.
  •     If you take your eyes off a captured Leprechaun, they vanish.
  •     If captured, a Leprechaun has to lead you to his treasure, he cannot lie.
  •     If a Leprechaun looses his gold, he also looses his magic and becomes more and more human.
  •     Leprechauns spend their time making shoes.
  •     A Leprechaun is and Irish Fairy
  •     Leprechauns live in the hallows of trees.
  •     Leprechauns carry a hammer in their belts.
  •     Leprechauns keep their gold at the end of a rainbow.
Hope you enjoy these ideas.  Just click on "source" to learn more about each project.  I can not take any credit for these amazing ideas...I just choose to share the work of those who are way craftier than me! 
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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  1. nice job mama! i MIGHT make something green....that'll be as far as it goes! ha! tell me again where you got the cute africa outfit for grace. i know aregash would be ecstatic. see you soon. :0)