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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy 6th Birthday Grace!

It is so hard to believe that our little Grace is six years old.  It seems like just yesterday she was on an airplane coming home to meet her new brothers and sister.  What an incredible three years it has been.
We continue to be amazed by how well Grace is doing.  What a blessing she is.  We are so thankful that we were chosen to be Grace's family. 
 Here are a few facts about our SIX year old:
 Grace is such a smart young lady.
  She is starting to read like crazy.  
Grace loves school.
Grace is a little "talkative" with her "table friends" at school (like mother like daughter?)
We are getting the feeling that Grace will be a great athlete (soccer is her current sport of choice).
She is daring and always willing to try new things.
Grace loves her stuffed animal friends and has a favorite doll (whose name changes from time to time).
She continues to like all things girly and "fancy."
Grace loves spending time with her siblings.
She loves technology (the computer and TV are favorites).
Given the chance, Grace would eat candy 24/7 (luckily, she is also a fan of veggies and she will try anything).
Grace is thriving and growing like crazy.  
She has a kind heart, is a good friend, and will always welcome an invitation to play.

Thank you for being such a sweetie Grace.  We love you and look forward to watching your sixth year of life be filled with joy and love.
Happy Birthday Grace!!!!

(I promise to post about Grace's 6th birthday celebration soon..."Rainbows" was the theme and a great time was had by all!)


  1. soo cute!! i meant to call on her Birthday. friend fail. :9( can't wait to see more picts!!!

  2. She looks SO grown up and beautiful! I'm sure the party was awesome. Your always are!! Please post pictures. Happy Birthday Grace!!