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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Ethiopian New Year!!!

Melkam Addis Amet!! 

Happy Ethiopian New Year!

Since we aren't lucky enough to celebrate the Ethiopian new year at an Ethiopian restaurant, or spend time with our favorite adoptive families and friends, we settled on Ethiopian flags and Africa cookies (my go to treat to celebrate all that is Africa/Ethiopian).  

Today also happened to be "orange day" in kindergarten.  They were all supposed to wear the color orange.  Imagine Grace's teacher's surprise when Grace handed her a beautifully wrapped Africa cookie (complete with a matching Ethiopian colored bow) and wished her "Happy New Year!" first thing this morning...she was a little puzzled, but Grace explained that it is now the year 2005 in Ethiopia!  I love explaining that little factoid to people :)
Well, at least Grace had a (somewhat) orangish shirt (that just so happened to have the continent of Africa on it) to wear to school today.  Perfect!


  1. How fun! And I must say, Grace is looking so big in that last picture!

  2. You are SO good!!! Dave heard that it was ET New Year and texted me, so I quickly changed our dinner menu from curry chicken to Doro Wat (with pita bread, not injera, sadly!!) Grace has not been into being Ethiopian lately, but she seemed excited and decorated the table with things that we'd brought back from our trip. Your cookie look yummy!!

  3. We celebrated with Doro Wat and hard boiled eggs (of course)...my first attempt and the boys TOTALLY approved! Yay! Are you going to C4C this year? January, maybe?!