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Monday, April 2, 2012

Grace's Tutu Birthday Party

In an effort to blog about our daily life (and to replace my long gone scrap booking days), it is important that I document Grace's 5th birthday party!  I am very late in posting about what was a really fun day.

Before I start, I must give full credit to my fellow blogger, Missy.  She inspired me to skip the (very expensive) party that I had scheduled at a local kid party place (kind of a cute, kid hair salon/spa place)..after all, the salon was not going to be able to do a fancy "up do" with the birthday girl's hair anyway!
So, thanks to Missy's wonderful Tutu Party idea, we were all set to celebrate Grace's big day.

I started by ordering the same invites Missy did (sure hope she feels honored and not annoyed by my lack of originality).  I bought them on Etsy.  The seller was super quick which was handy since I changed my party plan a mere week and a half before Grace's birthday.  You can visit her site HERE.
Everyone loved Grace's invite.  They were totally convinced that the ballerina's silhouette was actually Grace!

This was a super easy party for us to host because ballet costumes are something we have A LOT of! We used many of Alyssa's old costumes as decorations.  We are also very familiar with tulle, tutus and all things related to dance!

 The cute blue tutu is Grace's costume for her upcoming recital.  
 I found a super cool craft idea on Pinterest.  The girls painted their hand prints onto a canvas (that I had already glued a tutu leotard top to).  After the paint dried, the girls used stick on pearls and ribbon to finish off their adorable piece of art. 
The plush roses were found in the dollar area at Target.  I used them as a decoration, and each girl took a rose home at the end of the party.

 Another easy Pinterest idea was to use plastic pink tablecloths to decorate the ceiling.  
Super easy and very cute!
 The girls made a tutu of their own to wear at the party.  I had most to the tutu made ahead of time, so all we had to do was have each girl tie on a few pieces of tulle to complete her tutu.  This would have been very time consuming with the little ones doing it themselves.
Decorating for a tutu party is so easy.  Just look for anything pink and frilly.  I tied tulle on everything.  We made pink lemonade and even found chocolate/yogurt covered pretzels that were pink! 
I found little tulle circles (already cut) that I filled with candy and tied with pink ribbon.  They were passed around during a game similar to hot potato.  Ballet music was played, and when the music stopped, whoever was holding the candy was the winner (of course they all won an equal amount of times).
 Tutu cupcakes (thanks again Missy).  Just pink cupcakes with pink frosting and cotton candy on top!  ***The cotton candy must be put on at the last minute...it tends to shrink quickly.
 Sweet ballerinas!
 Such a happy birthday girl.

 As a special treat, a certain "prima ballerina" showed up to give the girls a few pointers.
Happy Birthday Sweet Grace!  
You are an amazing little dancer and an amazing little girl!!!!


  1. ummmmmmm.....A....MAZING!!! love it all! and i'm not showing this to aregash for fear she might want her mom to do the same thing!! everything looks perfect and lovely. you rocked it mama!! and love the beautiful ballerina at the end. grace looks simply elated and precious.

  2. I am totally stealing this.

  3. Wow!! It all looks amazing! You would feel really good about yourself if you saw my kid parties!! I'm sure Grace loved it!

  4. i AM honored and SOOO excited that you could use the idea. i got the same reaction about the silhouette seeming to be lulu's! you did an awesome job with all of it!

  5. Amazing!! I am using some of your ideas for my daughters party! I hope you dont mind! The cupcakes are a fantastic idea!

  6. OKAY.....NOW i am totally stealing this! i think aregash would LOVE it for her Birthday. she doesn't HAVE to be a ballerina, right? maybe sometime soon. maybe.

  7. and BTW....i dislike your word verification. i never get in the first time. :( here i go again.

  8. So adorabllllllleeeee!!!!