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Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy 9th Birthday Bryce!

Happy Birthday Bryce!!!!
 Today we celebrate the amazing gift of Bryce.  He is truly one of the sweetest, most creative, kindest, and of course, cutest kids you will ever meet.  We are so lucky he is ours!  

I can't believe it was nine years ago that we were blessed by the arrival of our third child.  Here is Bryce on the day he was born...His birth was so awesome...I had a scheduled C-section.  Everything went so well.  No labor, no pain.  It was such a nice change of (birthing) pace.
 I couldn't really believe I had TWO boys...I was so surprised when the doctor said those magical words... "It's a boy!"  I think I gasped a little to myself...I was certain he was a girl.  Then, the second I laid my eyes on him, I forgot all about the idea of a little girl.  He was so precious.  
(notice my drugged up eyes in this picture...).
 His big sister was pretty excited to meet him too.  She was hoping for a sister, but...it turned out that she would have to wait TEN YEARS for that to happen!
 Big Brother Drew was also excited about his new baby brother...
 It took all of about 30 seconds before we had to start "reminding" Drew that the baby was not a toy and that he had to keep his "hands off!" the baby.

 Happy Birthday sweet Bryce!
Thank you for being you!!!!
We love you!


  1. happy birthday to your 9 year boy who needs to be bff's with my 9 year old boy! seeing that hair makes me miss jack's locks! love the squirrel underpants! so cute!!!

  2. happy birthday Bryce! your mom and i will have to get our littlest-big boys together one of these days---he'll be nine in May. i'm sure your mama has something great cook'n up for your big day. she kinda rocks like that. :0)