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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Something Fun To Try Tonight...Go Get Your Glow Sticks!

Alyssa and I have recently discovered Pinterest. If you haven't already visited Pinterest, consider yourself warned. It is addictive. Be very careful before you visit....

We did, however, find this super cute, easy and cool idea yesterday and decided to give it a try. Simply take a jar and empty the contents of a glow stick into it (we just snipped off the end of the glow stick with a scissors), cover and shake. So much fun!!!
I picked up jars and glow sticks at the dollar store. Cheap, easy and cool. Bryce decided to sleep with the jar in his room last night...fun times...


  1. Word of caution (as cool as that is!)... We did this once and the jar opened and my son woke up the next morning with huge raised red hives all over his body that itched and burned - not so fun ;(

  2. Thanks Heidi!!! Bryce did keep the jar across the room on his dresser...no hives ;)