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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Grace Goes To Her First Birthday Party and A New Hairstyle...

Grace was lucky enough to attend her friend Kemily's birthday party last weekend. It was so much fun for her. She loved it all. It was perfect because it was a very fancy party- Fancy Nancy themed and full of pink, sparkle, and feathers! My friend Lori did such a great job of throwing the adorable little soiree. Grace with the birthday girl, Kemily. For some reason the girls thought they needed to crouch down for the photo...maybe they were doing some fancy curtsy or something...
The girls made beautiful beaded necklaces and played fancy bingo. Grace's approach to Bingo was cool because she figured if she just covered all of the spaces with the pretty glass markers, she was sure to win eventually...

Of course the ice cream parfaits and cupcakes were a hit as well (have I mentioned that Grace asks for ice cream every day, for every meal? a lot has changed since she came home from Ethiopia...she had never had ice cream before, and now she thinks she can have it every day...because she "wants it").

Check out the size of this diamond!!! Such fancy gloves...
Here is Kemily's dad (and Grace's Godfather). What a dashing man to escort the fancy girls throughout the party!

Two of my favorite girls in the world. They couldn't really be any sweeter -or fancier for that matter!

Today we are off to dance class again. Grace wanted to do something different with her hair...remember, I only know how to do two hair styles (and one is a headband), so I was pretty proud when I came up with this number...it turned out really cute (it looks much tighter and less fuzzy in person) I just twisted away and this is what we got! Grace thinks she is hot stuff...she thinks her mom can really braid now! I have a lot of learning to do...

She wanted to take a picture of the two of us together...the picture doesn't show it, but since Grace's hair takes so long to do, I am always the one who ends up throwing on a hat...I love hats...not that I am going to let Grace stick on a hat over her cute hair style (never mind that it is -4 degrees here right now).
Have a wonderful Wednesday!!!


  1. What a fun party....I'm sure that Grace loved all the frill. :)

  2. Adorable- all of it!

    And great job on the hair!!! It looks great! I'm gonna have to try that....

  3. So fun, and oh I love the new 'do! It's really pretty!

  4. First of all...LOVE the new header! What a great family picture! And the hair....very nice. Good job! Still a "needs to improve" area for me!!

  5. Yay! YAY! YAY!!! for the new header!!

  6. Love the fancy nancy party! Now I want to have it as Maya's party theme :) Love all the photos.