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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Gracie...What A Doll!

OK...It's fianlly time to start writing about our little Grace Hiwot and her transition to our family. I feel like I need to pinch myself, because it is hard to believe she is actually here and doing so well. I sat and watched her play in the bathtub last night, and thought to myself...adoption is so cool! Here she is...I can't believe she's really here. I stared at the same face that we had looked at in pictures for so long, and she was actually a real-live person sitting in my bathtub. We did it! We made it through the entire process! I can tell all of you who are considering adoption or struggling with all of the paperwork and waiting, IT IS ALL WORTH IT! So, here is our little firecracker in a shirt that describes her perfectly...She IS kind of a big deal...She is adjusting to our family so well. She is loving, funny, cuddly and she keeps amazing us with all of the things she can do. It is so fun to see what she is capable of. She has this entire knowledge base that we haven't even tapped into yet. It is funny to think that we don't really know what she has experienced and what she knows about. She is such a little peanut (not even on the charts for height), yet she constantly surprises us with her abilities and skills (like being able to twirl a jumprope so well that her 13 year old sister can jump in it...).
The girl could swing with her sister all day long. She loves to be outside.
She is doing a great job of sleeping (thank goodness). Here she is napping with her "babies." She says, "One, two, three babies..." before she will go to sleep she wants all three babies in bed with her. So far, she doesn't play with them during her nap, she just snuggles into bed with them and goes to sleep. She is great at imaginitive play. She will feed and diaper the babies, tell us to "shhh" when the babies are sleeping, etc.
Eating is our one challenge. She likes to eat, but expects her food to be ready right when she wants it. I think this is because when she saw food at the orphanage, it was already prepared and in front of her. She will whine when she sees that food is being prepared and wants to be held (while she fusses) until it is ready - holding her makes the food prep pretty difficult, so we are working on increasing her patience...
It is also fun to watch her try to eat new things. This picture is her first taste of ice cream. She wasn't too sure about it. We picked what we thought would be her favorite flavor - banana cream pie...the girl will eat bananas all day long. Bananas are her number one food of choice. She doesn't seem too interested in sweets. She loves spicy food - hot sauce is a hit with her.

So, all in all, we couldn't be more happy with our transition so far. Grace is a doll and we are so blessed that she is with us!


  1. She is indeed a doll!!! love her sleeping with her babies. what a big and beautiful smile! and i can't get over that "i'm kind of a big deal" shirt. perfect. so glad your transition is going well.

  2. What a cutie pie! She doesn't even look real sleeping in bed with those baby dolls. You have such a beautiful family.

  3. These pictures are SOO cute! She just looks so full of joy. I am glad that the transition is going so well. Please, let me know if you get any hair tips! Yes, I use coconut oil every day, but it doesn't seen to make a difference. Thanks for praying for our family!