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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spring Break = Treats

Well, our official Spring Break week is coming to an end. As I look back on the week, I notice a common theme...lots of relaxing and way too much junk food (more to come on that in a minute...).

Our time off from school started with our daughter and two of her dance friends doing a beautiful lyrical dance number at Good Friday church services. They performed an awesome routine to the beautiful song, "Lead Me To The Cross." They were absolutely breath taking!

The week off included lots of Lego building and playing with Playmobile!

And...way too much computer time!
Lots of chocolate was eaten.

And I took time to bake a few treats. I love a good scone for breakfast with a nice cup of Chai tea, but during our regular weekday mornings, there is not enough time. This week we enjoyed some fresh, chocolate chip scones. This is my favorite scone recipe. Of course, I take out the raisins and substitute chocolate chips :)

We woke up to find this in our backyard on Thursday!

So, since we were stuck inside during a snowstorm, we decided to make some ridiculously unhealthy caramel corn. You can find the recipe here.

As if that wasn't enough sugar for us, my daughter wanted to make some of our famous chocolate covered popcorn for a night with her girlfriends...It is really good. All you do is take a bag of those chocolate melting wafers (Wilton makes them in a variety of colors), melt them, and pour them over two bags of microwave popcorn. Be sure to remove all of the unpopped kernels. Toss gently, spread onto wax covered pans to harden, then break into small pieces. It is a great combination of salty and sweet!

So after a great week of relaxing and eating a bunch of junk, we decided to watch "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution." Our family really likes the show. It makes me feel so guilty about picking up fast food and pizza all the time. It is inspiring us to try a little bit harder to make healthy, home cooked meals with FRESH ingredients. This is some of what I picked up at the store today...after all, I have to make up for the sweets and junk we have been eating all week!

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  1. sounds like a great week. i have the same FUN dishes that you have. found them at a garage sale. guess you'll have to put some blueberries and nuts in them now that you are eating healthier. :)